Choose your perfect curtains

Textile is one of the most important parts of design, as it makes the space special and creates a certain mood. Well-chosen curtains can change the atmosphere of the whole room! When it comes to choosing curtains, though, one might face lots of different questions regarding color, fabric, style, pattern and the curtains length. So, what is the best textile for the curtains?

Choosing the fabric for your curtains certainly depends on the results you want to achieve. Go with stiff fabric for covering the windows if you desire a darker room, or, on the other hand, choose fluid fabric if you want to have the light coming in. You also can decide on sheer, flowy drapes or on the ones that look heavy and almost theatrical. Linen, cotton, real silk, imitation silk, and velvet are the most usable and practical options typically used on windows.

Length of the curtains also depends on the desirable outcome. To keep the interior formal and elegant, curtains should either barely touch or not touch the floor at all. If the atmosphere needs to stay grand and romantic, choose longer curtains, flowing on the floor.

Color and texture should be chosen according to the room’s interior. For example, the use of quiet colors allows the curtains to be the highlight of the room. On the other hand, if the room already has enough special features, the curtains should be designed in a simple one-color way.

Another great practical option is a combination of blinds and curtains. Such mix of different layers allows to manage the light and keep your life private! This combination is a perfect balance of both functionality and style. Blinds control the amount of light you get, and curtains, as a part of design, add some coziness.