Philippe and Solene

The jungle takeover of the young couple’s two-bedroom apartment.

Make-over cost : 1156.75€ for the living and dining room (33.05m²)

Furniture, lighting, accessories budget : 5339€.

Youth is an energy, it is the beginning of all prospects. Our customers, a beautiful young couple are beginning the family life. It is never easy to decide on which style to go for when it is the first apartment. They are full of stormy energy and joy of life. Both of our heroes are very inquisitive, read many books and newspapers, love to travel and probably have visited half of the world! Therefore, they have seen many people and have got acquainted to different cultures. Their question is: “How can you arrange a cool, fun and memorable home that reminds us of us?”

It is good to know that they work a lot and rest a little – so that is how passes their usual everyday life. The house’s space has to be quiet, warm and perfect to chill out. The tropical style has come in handy! Natural colors, rattan furniture and accessories have helped us to create the necessary atmosphere of recreation and an endless summer vibe even if there is snow on the streets. The center of the apartment is the living room, a special color is given to it by the bright wallpaper full of palm leaves. We took into account the interests of the owners, so, in the living room we placed a large shelving in which our couple can store books or their souvenirs. They wished to have a working area too – thing that isn’t so easy when you live in a compact space but even in a compact house, you can always find a place for it if you use space rationally. The abundance of living plants and the reminiscent of warm countries, give the space natural beauty. The decorations take a very important place in a tropical interior, decor sets special atmosphere and gives all the character. Bright figurines, interesting wattle baskets and pots, seashells and caskets are the final touch in formation of our exotic style.

Every dwelling always causes certain emotions and associations. Some houses evoke a desire to leave this place quicker, while others call you to stay longer, surrounding you with warmth and cheeriness. We hope that now our customers’ home will awaken them with only positive emotions!