Industrial minimalism with bright blue accents, a perfect fit for a man!


How can we make a bachelor’s apartment attractive, stylish and not seem like a complete den like most men apartments look like? Our recent client is one of those, isn’t the usual stereotype and has excellent taste in design, while having lots of imagination and knows exactly what he needs! Alexandre is a successful man, he is currently working in a dental clinic in Brussels. Oh, he is a well-known in the professional sector and for his charm in the everyday life! Our dentist is passionate about kite surf. He travels around the world to conquer large azure waves! However, sports don’t take up the his whole heart as he also loves his music!





Less is better! Perhaps, our interior can be described as ‘industrial minimalism’. The apartment has great features – large windows which open onto Brussels city, a old style fireplace, and decent size rooms. The flat has quite a large living room for friendly gatherings and a separated bedroom with an on suite. The open kitchen is fully equipped in such a way, that our client can make the most of it while attending his friends. For the interior design look, we combined the existing interior state with metal accessories, white and grey walls and concise finishes. Bright blue details and furniture bring colour, variety and character to our interior. Especially chosen as it’s Alex’s  favourite colour. Thus, the inexpressive masculine interior becomes more interesting and actually stylish. 


A man’s living room area

A cozy living room is the heart of most apartments. In our interior, the original marble fireplace with a new metal structure around it, gave the room a special rustic atmosphere while bringing a modern look. At the same time, we added a fun table that is easily wheeled out when an extension is needed; like when poker night happen! In the bedroom, the masculine feel is clearly present everywhere; from the colours to the picture on the shelves. The bed is placed on a podium – it is a very modern and trendy solution as it gives a limitation inside the room itself by separating the sleeping area to the rest. Brighter notes such as the carpet, blanket and pillows, gave a deeper soul. And opposite the bed, we created a real hobby-corner. An area where our kite surfer can play his music but also leave his instruments without needing to move them every time visitor come over, or simply have a place to work on his computer if needed.