Construction of a new contemporary house, finding the perfect interior architecture fit.


Our client, Alina and her family, are currently building their home in Rodhe-Saint-Genese.  They wish to have a nice modern house design, surrounded by a lovely closed off garden area and spacious rooms. Their old home was getting to small and was unfriendly. So many things simply didn’t go with their way of living. They wanted to move into a brand new and personalised place, a house where all their needs are satisfied. As Alina and her husband already had the floor plans, they asked us to rethink the interior for it to be stunning and 100% practical.


Interior design: from the architectural elements to accessories details.​

Designing an interior from scratch, some may find it easy but others won’t. It is important that the interior architecture is functional! Nice design will please your eyes but not your heart. A great design will make your life easy. This project is the perfect balance between nice furniture designs and a contemporary interior

In her new home to be, Alina wanted a warm atmosphere and something classy. However, she didn’t want to have one style throughout their home but several.  Therefore, in the living room area there is a mixture of a modern and classical style. Once up stairs,  the master bedroom was a classical style, with beautiful details from Orac and their bathroom was designed is an elegant way. The design was created around the bathtub and the black accessories from Meir were the perfect fit with our white marble tiles. However, for the children’s bathroom, we went for a playful look thanks to the yellow accessories. 

We can’t wait to see how their new home design will turn out.

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