A small apartment is not a problem! Compact, modern and ergonomic housing for a young lady.

Make-over cost : 859.6€ for one bedroom, living and dining room and a small kitchen (24.56m²)

Furniture, lighting, accessories budget : 30290.23 €

Each girl dreams to become a hostess of a big house, where everything is decorated in an elegant style and the whole space is always tidy. But very often, as in this case, we design small-sized apartments where each centimeter is worth as much as its weight in gold, and therefore, their arrangement is an issue. Axel – the owner of this apartment, a beautiful girl and talented stylist-makeup artist. She practically spends all of her time on beauty shootings and shows and doesn’t think outside the fashion industry. Therefore, this residence is, first of all, a place where she can relax and have a rest far from people. But is it possible to place everything necessary for it to be a comfortable living area in such few square meters? Definitely! And here is the proof…!

Nothing works as well as the white colour for spatial visualization expansion. Therefore, we chose it as the basis colour. These white elements give a feeling of cleanliness, freshness and spaciousness, especially as they’re in a small space. Light colors can calm a person, and, an interior seems more expressive and effective in the environment. In order to give the room depth and contrast, we used a small amount of black. White smooth furniture surfaces are a great option for a small apartment. Little incite, simple ceiling to floor height cabinets can perfectly save space while keeping the space minimal. The inserts of natural wood allowed not only to enliven the palette but also brings harmony into the interior. Light fixtures, an elegant floor lamp and spotlights make accents on certain objects and interior elements. This helps to zone the compact space, and thanks to them it is possible to create various atmospheres in the house. Can you imagine this initial apartment without a decor? We cannot! Vases, flower pots, photo frames and different pillows with sunny pattern adorned our interior!

The bedroom design is made in the same concept. The arty-wall at the head of the bed is a highlight of our interior. The modern drawing is in the main colour palette, plus looks very stylish has a monochrome composition that adds to our place special expressiveness!

Thus, a small apartment has become a great platform for creativity and our client has found her cozy nest!