Bernard and Yvette

A beautiful refined duplex enhanced thanks to the pastel colours and all the natural elements.


A cozy house is a very broad term. Everyone has their own opinion on how it should look and feel like. For some, it is a mansion with royal elements such as pillars or velvet finishes, for others, they cannot imagine coziness without a fireplace and furry accessories. It doesn’t matter what the coziness word actually means, however, it’s always very important to want to come back home! And that’s what are couple Bernard and Yvette think! They really wanted to have a special place where they would be able to relax after a long and hard-working day. A place where they can host friends, read novels or cook their culinary delights.


Our beautiful pastel colours palette

One thing was sure, they wished to have a light coloured interior as they don’t like dark shades. As our clients are nature minded, we used light oak wood throughout the whole space. To give some more colour, we chose green, white and beige shades. Oh, these pastel colours never go out of style! This gives the relaxing atmosphere they wish to have. On the living side, the mixed grey and green sofa brings a modern touch. To continue to emphasis on the openness, we added a bookshelf behind the confortable couch. Small decoration can be place into it and they bring details while complement the space instead of overloading it. We also jointed the staircase and the living room area with black framed windows. 

Regarding the kitchen and dining side, many glossy white surfaces were placed. They reflect the light and help to keep the kitchen area easy to clean. A big wooden board is playful as the kids love to write their receipts for the week. To preserve the nature side, a big wooden table creates a light area with lots of space, warmth and a bit of freshness. We combined it with comfortable seats.

We did our best to satisfy our clients! And this is our most important principle!

How do you see your coziness?