Bernard and Evette

A beautiful refined duplex enhanced thanks to the pastel green colour and all the natural elements.

Make-over cost : 1621.55€ for the living room, dining room and kitchen (46.33m²)

Furniture, lighting, accessories budget : 24 944.50 €.

A cozy house is a very broad term. Everyone has their own opinion on how it should look and feel like. For some, it is a mansion with royal elements such as pillars and velvet finishes, for others, they cannot imagine ‘coziness’ without a fireplace, while some even like living surrounded with metal and glass. It doesn’t matter what “coziness” means, however, it’s always very important to want to come back home! And that’s what are couple Bernard and Evette think! They really wanted to have a special place where they would be able to relax after a long and hard-working day. A place where they can host their friends and play charades, read novels or cook their culinary delights.  

We chose a pastel green colour, white and beige shades that would allow a relaxing atmosphere and sincere talks. Glossy white surfaces to reflect the light, big wooden boards that bring us back to nature and history while creating coziness. A light place with lots of air, warmth and a bit of freshness is accompanied with neat comfortable furniture (what could be better than such a mix?!). Vases, books, picture frames – all those small details complement the space instead of overloading it.

We did our best to satisfy our clients! And this is our most important principle!

How do you see your coziness?