The perfect cocooning! A small lady’s apartment in pastel colors with brown accents.

Make-over cost : 1036€ for the bedroom and living area including the kitchen (29.6m²)

Furniture, lighting, accessories budget : 30 192,75€

When boarding an airplane, each of us cross path with the radiant smiles of the flight attendants, who politely show passengers their places. And, when you look at these lovely girls, whose appearances show incredible calmness and friendliness, it makes you wonder why they chose this profession and how do they actually live! Our charming client Bridget has been working as a stewardess for more than 6 years now.

Today she flies to the city of love, Paris and tomorrow she will be greeted by the colorful Barcelona, then in a few days after, she will feel Georgia’s hospitality. It always has been the job of her dreams. However, with her busy and turmoiled schedule, she is exhausted once the job finished! The most pleasant moment for her is when she comes home. “You realize that this mess is behind you and you’re finally home. You are ruled by only one desire, and it is to quickly get into your bed and just relax.” Therefore, it is important that her apartment’s atmosphere brings her the quiet and peacefulness that she needs to recuperate.

Bridget’s apartment is small but gives view on the flory park. For such a compact interior, neutral colors came in handy, they give a sense of purity and order. It expands the space and serves as a good background for other colors and decor. As an accent, we chose a pleasant brown which is the colour of the earth. You won’t find a more ideal colour for a comfortable and cozy interior! It is a great way to calm down for dynamic people like our stewardess, who lives an active lifestyle and communicates with a lot of people every day. Only surrounded by brown, they can fully rest while gaining strength and energy for a new working day. The same effect is provided by natural materials. So, we added natural wood in the interior. Actually, it looks quite impressive and attractive, plus it also fills the house with comfort and warmth. Zoning out spaces intelligently isn’t always easy, even less so when you need to place everything necessary into there. Our stewardess wanted a relaxation corner where she can read her books and watching comedies. We chose the most comfortable and soft furniture. Comfort first!

A great way to alter the interior is to use beautiful textiles. Carpets with lovely patterns, a large number of delightful pillows and delicate curtains. This created a special mood in the house. Ah! We also added stylish abstract compositions and a little decor, all that was needed to complete the design of this beautiful interior.

This apartment is like a tetris game, everything fits perfectly together! Welcome home, Brigitte!