Evelien and Olivier

A welcoming home that brings smiles to the family.

This lovely family composed of Evelien, Olivier and their two children, contacted us as they wanted to renovate their kitchen. Evelien, loves to cook and cares a lot for these darling children about dad, Olivier, works long hours. Nevertheless, he likes to go home and see his happy little family. That’s why he contacted us because Evelien had a desire and need to change their kitchen. She needed a more optimal design.



How did we come up with this kitchen design idea?

Originally, they wanted to only do a kitchen renovation. Their old kitchen was missing essential elements for Evelien to enjoy cooking; almost no draws and small cooking top. Our client had been dreaming for years to have a practical kitchen design with all the perfect gadgets and a stylish look. As she knew so well what she needed and wanted, it made our job quite easy. The family had some clear needs: they wished to have a big table area to use as a dining area. It is also the perfect place for the kids to work on their home-works while she can keep an eye on them while preparing the lovely meal. As it is an “office space“, we added a black board wall to write receipts or the kids program. And, what she needed the most was: as much storage as possible. We added a work closet and hide many plugs. A fun part was that we had free choice on the colour palette. So we chose something joyful.

Then, after enjoying what we proposed as a kitchen design, they asked us to design their living room and hallway. Since the house was bought a few years ago, they thought it was time to modernise and refresh it, especially since the children are now reaching an age where the parents no longer have to worry about the fact that they will dirty the beautiful furniture. As a result, we kept the same colour palette. We opened the space up and put the same tiles all over the floor to create a huge area. But, put a parquet flooring in the living to give a warmer feel to the bare feet.