Frank and Colette

The amazing Montmartre views will blow your mind away, have a quick rest in one of the three bedrooms of this fabulous duplex.


This apartment with a beautiful view on Montmartre belongs to a French couple, Frank and Colette. He is a jewellery designer and she is a vocal teacher, while being travel lovers. Their lives are rather intense, so, their main requirement was: the creation of a cosy and bright home. They also wanted a dominance of strict clean lines, the use of more light colours and a minimalist style but luxurious. Their new home design needs to be perfect – perfect to them.


The difference in the white colours

It’s good to know that there are two kinds of white. The cold white and the warm white colour – the warm one is a symbol of harmony and peace, which is able to give a special chic side to our home. Thanks to it, we visually increased the volume by elongating the rooms and unite them into a single overflowing space without any barriers. By using it on different textures; smooth and rough surfaces, together with the help of shadows and contrast – we got many different shades, left the monotony behind and diversified the interior! In addition, it is an excellent background colour for black and grey details.


How is our apartment’s interior? 

Our flat has become more expressive and satisfying. The wooden floor and furniture fit perfectly into our design, furthermore, gave the whole warm and comfort atmosphere. Besides, the wood has a natural accurate pattern which beautifully supplements our interior. Laconic and practical furniture without excesses perfectly complement the space. The hostess’ desire was to include a large open cupboard in the kitchen-dining room, where she would be able to store novels and souvenirs brought back from their trips. Modest decor like candles, vases and photographs have done their task to liven up our interior! And, as always, we did not do it without Mother Nature! A few living plants and green notes refreshed the place up. It will relieve any tension and calm our clients.

As we expected, the result met all expectations and our wonderful couple got their dream home! 

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