The writer’s home in a new modern vision.


Inspiration is the first thing you need while writing a book! Each writer has his own muse. Unfortunately, it’s not everywhere and at any time that it happens. Creative ideas often change depending on your surroundings and state of mind. That’s why it’s always important for a creative person to stay in a comfortable place where nothing bothers him as well as a spot that contributes to productive work. Our character, writer Hilbert, knows by no hearsay how important the harmony of home atmosphere is! He dreams, pays attention to little things, has his own work hours, likes his solitude and always finds time for meditation.

We had to create an ideal environment of rest, work and fantasy. It has a calm color scheme, pleasant textures, comfortable furniture plus it’s very warm and spacious. Thanks to the big window and the terrace behind it, you can easily admire the city’s landscape. Inside, the kitchen turned out to be simple yet functional; a perfect fit for a man! Chalk walls are in trend these days! You can write your different recipes, plans for the day or new book ideas that pop up while cooking. The various lamps visually separate the space and allow a romantic atmosphere to take place or even a working or relaxing one while being at home. The terrace is a special place in the apartment, he loves feeling the morning’s breeze. Therefore, we did our best to give the owner a nice outside area for him to enjoy his morning coffee there, in addition to being able to have a barbecue with friends as it is spacious enough. As for the bedroom, it doesn’t differ much in style nor in color from other rooms. Our character loved the comfortable soft bed and the big wardrobe with dark mirrors!

Masterpieces and enchanting ideas are born in a nice ambiance. What influence does your house’s atmosphere have on you?