The Jones family

What is reasonable design and rational zoning of the common space?

For any family there comes a time when they need to change their living conditions. And, at the end of the day, we all want to have a home as comfortable and cosy as possible. Now, is the important moment of change for our new customers, Nadia, her husband and their two lovely children. Their house has been for too long out of fashion, and since, even the children have grown up. Therefore, it became necessary to find an interior design solution for the common space. A cold minimalist design bores them and isn’t the family’s style, so, they asked for something a little more pleasant, warm and relaxing with character. 



Zoning out an apartment

Zoning out the rooms play an important role in this house. There are many examples where space is delimited by walls, columns, arches, etc. However, practical zoning isn’t so important if you have a large area. On the other hand, what if your apartment is not big but smallish? Or very small? In this case, it is an important step to do if not the most important thing ! Here, is you see an example of the correct life distribution in an interior. 


How did we organise the interior?

Connecting a dining room, a lounge zone and a TV area in one space is not so easy, but knowing a few tricks always helps! The sofa-TV area is their most important living space while probably being the noisiest place in the house. Knowing this, it needs its own isolation. An easy interior design solution is a translucent movable partition that came out as the most fundamental construction element in this design project. This is a simple, interesting and modern solution! The light will play with the rays and glare between the bars, creating an incredible atmosphere.

For the rest of this room, we created a lounge area and a dining area. Jones asked us to place 8 chairs to easily accommodate guests. As we found our clients very open minded and warm-hearted, the Space-Filling team decided to use the yellow colour as a fun touch and a brown interior. As said in our colour scheme similar project : The Bonnet Family, the brown colour clams down and gives a sens of serenity. 

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