Lia & Emerick

Interior design “compromise” for a young couple with subtle tropical notes.


You can find *LOVE* in a cottage. However, when it comes down to dividing the common nest, even the love birds go through disagreements and disputes. The question is: “Is it possible to design a joint apartment, so it would please both owners and keep the love in the air?”

The answer is YES! Our clients, the lovely couple Lia and Emerick, moved a few months ago to Leuven and purchased an apartment there. But they could not come to a common decision about the style so they turned to us! We had to find the perfect house atmosphere and the ideal middle between both style’s to create a cosy home for this small family!


The studio design idea

The apartment of our sweethearts is quite petite, so the design needs to be as open as possible. The kitchen, living room and bedroom became a single space. Instead of having bulky thick walls we put an easy, translucent wooden sliding partition. We thought of the preferences of both customers and, as a colour solution we have chosen a stylish and actual combination of grey, white and black. We also incorporated white smooth walls and ceiling, with glossy cabinet surfaces as this visually elongates the space while creating a sense of freedom and spaciousness. The continuous wooden floor makes their home warmer and merges the spaces into a one whole. Furniture on thin legs, framed little tables, distinguished pendant lights and floor lamps – all of this gives to our interior a sense of lightness and doesn’t lumber up the space. Tropical notes please both, as it brings a touch of freshness into the atmosphere and variegated the cool colours with luscious green and cheerful motives. Bright accents build up the interior by making it more expressive and stylish! And of course, we could not do without actual living plants. Why? Because it brings peace and harmony to the interior! Here you go, a whole recipe for a happy ever after!

Are you satisfied with your house’s atmosphere or it’s time to change it?

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