The dream home for any person that loves the elegant interior design style.


Why do many people consider the elegant style now a little boring or even dull? We can tell you that the people who think that have only seen interiors don’t have a well-developed sense of harmony!

Elegance is a part of our client’s character. Madlen is a lawyer. It’s well-known that this job is one of the most charismatic and is very attractive for women in Hollywood. They are intelligent, modest and a true warrior! She is the incarnation of self-dignity, self-confidence and yet also softness. Therefore, the style of her apartment has to combine all these characteristics into one.


Our task for this project

Our task was to create special coziness by combining a modern style and classical elements. Lighting, colours, materials, furniture and decorations have to match Madlen’s charm. It needs to help her relax by abling her to do her favorite things. The interior includes the minimum necessary, contrasts and calmness, womanly firmness and a pinch of luxury. For example, the chocolate colour reminds you of rigidity and tranquillity. Straight and fine lines prompt stability and reliability while matching harmonically together. Dark wood and light textiles, the brown marble elements, simple geometry forms and details, make the interior soft and give a tidy side.

Our lawyer loves having friends over when she finally has time to relax. Thus, she needed a kitchen space that was concise and modest, pretty while practical. A great place to cook and without feeling uncomfortable from a lack of space nor light, and easy to talk to her family or friends. The kitchen, living room, bedroom and dressing room are divided up with a trendy thin see-through partition. This gives a nice flow to the spaces, and moreover, they can be easily split up when needed. The heroine of this story just like many other women dreamt about a spacious walk-in dressing room with a big wardrobe, lots of hanging space and shelves for all her shoes. How could we not make her dream come true?! In the bedroom, silver elements like vases, statues and lamps make the room look exquisite and the abstract paintings add bits of luxury to it. We also remembered Madlen’s wish, as a workaholic, in her living room we created a customised library for her to be able to store them all away.

This is how we see elegant home. Don’t settle for existing stereotypes, as the results of the experiment can be completely breathtaking when it is correctly done!