Contemporary interior in a 3-story traditional mansion.

How lucky are you? How often do you ever win anything? Or, when are you in the right place at a right time? We organised a lottery with the prize of a free design for the winner’s apartment or house. Marta and her family were the lucky ones!

Marta, her husband and their child decided to transform their classic house style by adding some colour and novelty to it! We definitely liked their request, because people aren’t often willing to experiment with a mix of old and new styles nor with colours. We can say, we’ve also won a prize, because we had to mix classic and contemporary, which definitely was an interesting task.




The classic mixed with a modern design

Light colours definitely triumph in the interior of this house. Classic items of furniture and décor elements are combined with the modern ones, and look even more attractive on the fair background. We left some very interesting elements of the existing interior, such as the fireplace which we decorated in the classical style, and became the heart of the living room where the family loves to be. The closets and shelves are very functional and easy to use. Marta loved them as their family won’t have any more problems with hiding the children’s toys. It’s great how the problem of lack of space can be overcome quickly and without any problems, like in our case: an extra room was built where the old part of the house is, now a little kitchen has appeared. Discreet modern compositions, abstract paintings, photos and statuettes breathe life into the interior. Flowers and natural plants make the house look fresher and renovated.

So now do you believe that the odds can be in your favour? Don’t be afraid to take part in open competitions, as there is nothing you can lose. Fortune favors the bold! Don’t worry – we will do another competition at one point! So stay tuned to get a chance to win!


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