Mister Arman

Functional male comfort for a successful athlete.


A person who knows that he has, has a place where he can always return to, becomes stronger and more confident person. Therefore, it is very important that their home space correspond to the taste and to all the owner’s wishes. Our recent customer, athlete Arman, knows more than anyone else how important it is to have a calm and relaxing house so that you can physically and morally. A purposeful and strong-willed man, who plays professionally badminton; he was able to travel to a lot of countries and won a lot of prizes in his tournaments.
In the new apartment, we had to create that fortress effect, where nothing would remind him of work, and our customer could rest quietly while doing his favorite things and just feel comfortable. White walls and ceiling visually expand the small space.
As an accent color, we chose dark grey, which plays in contrast with the general tone and emphasizes the asceticism light and severity of the interior. Dark grey details characterize strong will and charisma, just like our client. The kitchen takes up little space, because our champ has almost no time to cook food. In a compact space, we put everything that was necessary, and thanks to closed cabinets we didn’t overload the area with various items. A large corner sofa is the perfect solution! It isn’t only convenient and comfortable but also very functional. A comfortable armchair, a pleasant, soft carpet and dense curtains give the space a special home feeling, and the black and white abstract paintings became the finishing touch of our male’s interior. We found that it turned out very interesting!
We hope that the owner will feel confident and happy in his new apartment!