Natalie and Victoria

A fantastic girl’s room design which will grow with the child!

Make-over cost: 542.15€ (15,49m²)

Furniture, lighting, accessories budget: 3877.62€.

Almost every girl, from their earliest childhood memories, wish to become a princess one day. Rapunzel? Aurora? Cinderella? or Belle… these little ladies, and your daughter is no exception, admire and want to be like these beauties in long huge princess dresses and live in a castle.

Oh! What a wonderful dream! Give your child this fantasy. Absolutely any room, regardless of its shape, size and budget can be turned into a real house for princesses. Only a few month ago, Natalie and her husband bought their new house and their new born baby is already on the way! So, to gain time, energy and money, Natalie requested a design that is practical to use with her sweet little daughter, Victoria and a place where she will be able to grow up in. For Victoria, we created a real pink kingdom! Our designers skillfully and beautifully chose pastel shades while joining various original prints that evoke only tenderness! And, those colours perfectly combine with all the toys! This is why you can see two different designs for this project.

Here is a little useful information for wise and pragmatic parents.

During the different periods of a child’s life, he will need special furniture and diverse functional corners. Therefore, usually, the design has to be completely updated every 2 to 4 years. But!? How to create a kid’s room that will grow with the child? It is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel! You need to: correctly zone out the room, find comfortable and multifunctional furniture, choose girlish colors and prints (same boyish if he’s a warrior) that are relevant at any age. This will help you to transform your offspring’s room without big money costs and complexity.

Well, welcome to your own fairytale world, little Victoria!