Fantastic industrial studio in the centre of Paris


Our client Nicolas, lived for a few years in Brussels before deciding to move back to Paris. Knowing the city quite well, he found a lovely studio that needed a complete renovation – well even a complete transformation ! A classical and industrial style was the outcome that our Parisian wanted.




What did we design ?

This project was an old building, formally used as a storage space, with absolutely nothing in the room. No electricity outputs, not even water supplies, without mentioning nice finishes but it had character and a lot of it! A lovely red bricked wall was in the middle of the area with 3 beautiful arches, a half finished cement flooring and a few other bricked walls.

The request was simple : to create a studio design that is an open space but not completely open neither. But what does that mean? Well, an area that when he is alone, that can be one bigger space but that doesn’t always stay open to keep some privacy when he has friends around. As he said : “It’s a small space and I want to rationalise a maximum of the space and have a real a custom, modern, chic and in a design like a hotel with custom furniture.”


Our design steps to the final proposition

Our client knew what materials and brands he likes therefore, it was easy to design. We incorporated a few of his existing art pieces and furniture that he wished to keep, then added materials like the oak and marble.

The initial idea was to have a hidden kitchen and bathroom, however, the kitchen lost quite some work space as those kinds of kitchen have standard sizes. And, the surface really matters here! So, we decided to keep a more traditional kitchen but incorporate into that design a door that leads to the small hidden bathroom. In the bathroom, the design was tricky as there isn’t much space but we needed to have a lot of storage space! We even managed to place a washing machine and shelves, thanks to the elongated the “kitchen wall” that hides the bathroom composition. And of course, we left the arches as they were and added curtains to give the closed space requested when wanted. In the living room, a small library was customised for that Nicolas can store all his books and we inserted most of his existing furniture..


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