A fusion between the contemporary style and ethnic notes


Can you feel the sunshine come into this living room? Our clients, Maria and Jose and their three kids, are planning to build their new home. They found the perfect location in the south of Spain only a few months ago and wished to design their dream home there. Being real estates people, they have saw thousands of places so you would think that they know what they would want… but actually, it isn’t the case! They only know that they have the budget and want a futuristic interior design. A place where the nature and the sunshine just walk into their home.


Spirit is the key to a great interior design

As we are designing a new built, we are free to choose the perfect interior layout – that is great news! Being able to choose everything can sometimes simplify things. For example, no problems on restricted area sizes nor issues like “can we move the staircase?”. However, the harder part is, how to create a design that our clients will love and be futuristic?

First of all, we thought of the materials. As we are in the South of Spain, it is more often hot than cold over there, so, we chose materials that cool the room down. For exemple, the cement walls and tiled floor. We both, our couple and us Space-Filling, wanted to let the nature in as there aren’t many places where you are surrounded by palm trees. So, huge windows where placed. As most of our walls are in cement, we decided to incorporate the kitchen so that the back disappears. However, we couldn’t hide the kitchen island so we showed it in an extravagant way – like this it becomes a piece of art. To continue in this – can we say – “crazy” design ? We installed a weird wavy wall. It reflects the light and breaks the normal straight side.


The furniture choice 

Can we consider lights as furniture? Of couse! So, lets start with the inbuilt spot lights. They are discreet while separate the living, lounge and kitchen area. A great tool. Then, to give more spirit to the room, a big chandelier with a flour style. Our clients had a huge painting that they wished to keep and incorporate, therefore, this determined the colour scheme. The furniture pieces where picked by their colours and shapes. Only rounded shapes where placed to make the space softer and smoother. Purple, is a royal colour and goes greatly in pair with the golden kitchen island.