Saint Pierre

A lovely duplex renovation with a Scandinavian atmosphere.

This couple, like so many others, after renting for a few years decided to buy a home. It is a lovely duplex in Brussels city, however, it needed a full renovation. They initially planned on keeping their old furniture then realised that they wanted a change! They wanted something modern and classy however, there was where a problem started… What style to go for? Alexis loves all white interiors and Christophe wanted a warm interior design. So, Space-Filling helped to solve this issue !


A mix of classic and modern interior design

The final interior look was a Scandinavian style with a luxury twist. A dominance of simple and practical furniture, light colours and wooden elements. The white walls and closets lighten up the interior while giving a bigger aspect to the rooms. Light wooden parquet floors give the warm feeling that Christophe wanted, as well as visually than as hotter for the bare feet! And by giving a continuous flow, we created one whole and harmonious interior.  In the wet rooms, bathrooms and the kitchen, the marble touch gives an elegant look. The home cinema is the only dark area in this beautiful duplex. The brown walls give a cosy atmosphere while creating a peaceful mindset. The sofa huge sofa and the wooden wall built of slats absorb a part of the noise for it to not re-bounce. And, the office design, was a little different. It is a more contemporary design and the nice red chairs give colour and punch to work in a happy atmosphere! 


Interior design tip :

If you’d like to have a similar place, a easy trick is to add light wood elements to warm up the spaces when adding a nice white marble tiles. Then, you can play with variant colours and materials to give warmth and a home feeling.

white interior – scandinavian interior design – marble – marble bathroom – marble kitchen – luxury