Brand-new contemporary studio, the perfect first place for a young lady.


In each family there comes a time when the children grow up and they need their own space. Sybille’s parents are going through this at the moment as their daughter recently turned 21 – finally a real adult! This overwhelmed our recent customers. By coincidence (or luck?), a brand-new contemporary studio across their street just went put up for sale! Her loving parents bought it for her, here, will become her own first cozy home. As it is a studio, this means that it is very small. We had to use the premises very rationally! She needed a place where she can relax, study, receive friends and learn how to cook.


The studio’s colour palette

With the help of colour and light, we made individual zones. Accent lighting demarcated functionally throughout the whole space. Out of a number of basic colours we took the classic trio composed of milk, chocolate and charcoal. The white surfaces bring calmness and peace to the atmosphere. Autumn is not the reason for this muffled interior! For our young lady, we added several variants of catchy green tones. Usually, the yellow and green shades gain popularity in the warm season, but this winter (2017), the fashion experts were so carried away by these cheerful tones that they simply could not abandon them when summer was over : the perfect colour palette!


What about the furniture style ?

The furniture is in the contemporary style; concise, functional and simple. A compact kitchen is a necessary minimum for a young woman. Soft chairs and sofa, built-in modular furniture with lots of compartments and storage boxes, help to save usable space. By the way, framed light lamps plus various patterns and prints on textiles are also the new favorites of this season. It is obvious that geometry lives, well not only in wall coverings but also on ceramics, textiles and furniture elements, besides it also creates the illusion of movement in space.  

We hope that her surprise will be a success and that the housewarming party will be lots of fun!

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