Virginie & Agustin

A modern Scandinavian duplex design in Etterbeek


Our lovely couple just bought their very first home, a duplex here in Brussels. Virginie and Augustin are two young and ambitious entrepreneurs. They both work long hours and do lots of sports, therefore, need and want a cosy home to be able to relax in the evenings. They met a long time ago, the real high school romance, and have finally decided it was time to share life together. 


What style to go for?

They weren’t sure how to accommodate their new place as it was a new construction, therefore completely empty. The electricity, some finishes and the staircase needed to be correctly thought of to compliment the space. It isn’t easy to understand such a space, find the best furniture layout and decide on what style to go for.  They wanted a mix of a Scandinavian and modern style. They had some specific requirements; led lights under the steps in the staircase, never see direct lighting, storage areas, a discreet cloakroom and a glass door between the entrance and the living space. Also, a special request was that they wanted to add Virginie’s grandfather’s gift, a caramel old style chest of drawers. Tricky to place but possible !




The main concept idea

We wanted to open up the space as much as possible. Therefore, small easily movable furniture helps! We incorporated into this design a thin, elegant and extendable table in light wood. As it is quite discreet, it gives an impression of lightness to the room and therefore also allows us to place various styles of chairs. The Hay chairs were the perfect match for big round white pendant lights! We added, two nice soft patterned carpets, simply as it always nicer for the bare feet and to delimit the room out.

Regarding the living area, as it is a common space and isn’t big, we included a bleu/grey sofa to give some more colour. Why isn’t there an armrest? Well, the fact that you don’t have one emphasises the welcoming of that area. If you would have had one, you close off that space and that is exactly what we didn’t want! In addition, to keep the area “light”, we put two small coffee tables – easy to move when needed. And, of course, we couldn’t forget a comfortable armchair was placed to greet the Granddad when he comes over to visit.


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