Sophisticated one-bedroom apartment based on the owner’s favorite restaurant.


Do you have a favorite place? A place where you feel comfortable? Where you like literally everything there? This interior was inspired by a visit to a restaurant. Of course, it wasn’t a random restaurant, but a favorite one, her favorite one! Vivienne wanted her flat to look as interesting and intimate as the interior of her favorite restaurant while reflecting herself too. In other words, she is a very romantic lady who loves poetry, natural colors and luxurious textures.

The flat was brand new and almost didn’t need to be redesigned. The kitchen zone did have some constructional changes, and got a special kitchen counter which now serves as a border between the kitchen and the living room. It’s always pleasant to cook a romantic dinner in such a kitchen while hosting guests or just reading a good book.

For her interior, we mostly worked with beige shades which can always be combined with black and white elements. The space itself isn’t overloaded with small details and decor elements; it’s neat and concise. Wooden furniture has always been popular with dreamy people. The shapes and textures used for her sofa, armchairs and curtains, are simple abstract compositions and are the echoes of her favorite restaurant. We tried our best to find similar lamps, that look as luxurious and unusual as they have.

We mixed our own approach with the client’s preferences and character. This is what we got…What do you think?